[Video] A mugger crocodile on shared space, fear and future

New (Script) work:

When crocodiles and humans live this close to each other, unfortunate clashes are common. But Charotar in Gujarat, makes a rare case for co-existence.

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While there are the stray incidents, some even fatal, the two species – human and crocodile – live largely in an understanding that has sparked global interest. Muggers, or marsh crocodiles, are found in many parts of the country. In Gujarat, a 4000 square km region with numerous wetlands, especially lakes and ponds forms a perfect habitat for these animals.

And the numbers aren’t exactly small. There are around 300 crocodiles in approximately 35 villages here with populations centred around Malataj, Deva, Vaso, Petli, Dabhau, Heranj, Traj Marala, Nagrama, Tranja, Navagam. With both species – human and animal only growing in numbers, coexistence becomes a precarious tightrope.