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After a career in print for over 12 years, I wandered, with no small amount of curiosity, into the world of digital content and have spent the last 5 years understanding online media.

So, very quickly now, here's where I've been.

I am an independent writer and editor, and currently the Consultant Editor at Marine Life of Mumbai, writing science communication for marine spaces. I was until recently, Editor-in-Chief at Nature inFocus. Years ago, I was part of the core team that launched Lonely Planet Magazine India (Deputy Editor), National Geographic Traveller India (Editor, Digital) and Saevus Wildlife Magazine (Consulting Editor). In the past, I have worked as copywriter at Onads Communications, as Equity Research Editor at JPMorgan Chase and as a cub reporter at Femina where I worked on the people pages of the magazine, and spearheaded a section called Ordinary Women Extraordinary Lives.

Starting a content vehicle, setting up a team, building a content benchmark has become something of a skill set. Things are at their best in the beginning when we're all drowning in fantastical ideas that require someone to say at all times, 'We have got to calm down' or 'I doubt we could get a tiger-shaped blimp that soon'. Good times. Here are the ventures I helped begin and consulted with.

Editorial work means you'll find my words in Mint, BBC Top Gear, BBC Knowledge, DNA, The Free Press Journal, The Times of India and The Hindustan Times. I also write fiction, and am a published author for children's books and am working on stories for adults, as well. It's my most fun time in a work day, this bit.

When I am not planning, commissioning or editing stories, I am usually found sketching, drinking way too much tea, watching comedy/ crime shows or threatening to quit the Internet and move to the mountains.

Photograph by Radha Rangarajan. 

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